Creative Villages Conferences

Five events on “Public Participation in Innovation Processes in Rural Communities”

Residents of nine central European communities take part in a European Union-funded conference series: Creative Villages Conferences. The participants – mayors, heads of department, politicians, and citizens – want to find new ways to make creative and innovative processes happen, for themselves and in their communities. Starting from spring 2013 the participants are invited to visit certain villages of the network – all of these host communities being a role model for the subject of the prevailing conference – and get an insight in the villages’ approach, strategies and projects. Best-practice examples, key notes and lectures of innovation experts complete the full picture, in order to enable participants to develop innovative ideas or specific projects for the participating villages. These conferences are the base for a European network, where cooperation projects can be developed: a platform of innovative communities of Central Europe - the "Creative Villages".

The subjects these conferences are dealing with have a big impact on how future will be approached in these communities – and therefore have a huge relevance for the citizens themselves.

The “Creative Villages Conferences” are arranged by: Municipality of Zwischenwasser.

Concept and organization: „Zukunftsorte“ and „Die Landinger – Büro für Verknüpfungen“.

The project is supported by the European Union, program “Europe for citizens”